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Discovering the Berlin Wall

The only building right next to the Wall to survive its
construction and expansion can be found on the Flutgraben
channel in the Treptow borough of Berlin. Today an artist-
studio-space, the building belonged to a state-owned
company in the GDR era. From 13 August 1961 it was
barricaded and closely guarded. Nevertheless many people
managed to escape to the nearby West Berlin borough of
Kreuzberg from the site. The guided tour explores this most
unusual part of the Berlin Wall. Visitors are shown barricaded
windows, border soldiers’ inscriptions and the remains of signal installations and are taken up to the 20-meter-high roof
overlooking the Spree and Osthafen which served as a sentry
point for GDR border troops until 1989. > READ MORE (PDF)

The guided tour offers a site-specific perspective on the history
of the Berlin Wall. Based on archival sources as well as on
witness interviews, it is open to adults and teenagers 14 years
and up accompanied by parents or teachers.

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Sentry path of GDR border troops on the roof
Photograph: Grenzläufte e.V.